Sunday, August 25, 2013

ANI 113B Sketchbook

These are from a year ago. The scans aren't that great, but I figured I should have some record of it somewhere for all the students taking the class that may wish to see it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So lazy...

I had zero motivation this past week. I spent my weekend being an idiot. My work could be a lot better. (Though it can always be better regardless.)

Pine Cone [WIP 2012-09-14]
Been working on this since almost the beginning of the semester. Mostly drawn in-class. We were given two weekends to work on it outside class. It still needs a little fixing.

Sack Drop [2012-09-13 & 2012-09-17]

Tree Silhouettes [2012-09-17]
The tree assignment this week was to take the silhouettes from last week and imagine the trees 50 years from now. I am sad to say, I wasn't very creative.

Sketches at Happy Hallow [2012-09-19]
Teacher said the fox was too stationary and always in that curled up position. It moved even less when I went to see it today, so I decided to draw goats instead.
I'm actually pretty happy with these. The goats started off horrible, but they're getting better. :D PYGMY GOATS ARE CUTE. THEY'RE FAT WITH STUBBY LEGS. And I feel such kinship with them. XD