Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 18-24, 2012

Sorry about the delay. IT'S SPRING BREAK. And crapload of work to do. I really really need to do more AX print ideas. But I had a lot of fun with friends; collapsing onto my bed at the end of the day. So this post stayed in my drafts for a long time.

I forgot to post the poster I did for work last week. A friend helped me with the typography. I really need to take a typography class. IF YOU CAN, PLEASE COME TO THE CONCERT. /shameless plug.


I painted something for my midterm, but didn't have time to photograph it before submitting it. I'll upload it next week.

3D Animation
Midterm reel is due at the end of Spring Break. We learned how to adds lights and cameras. So I need to go back and add that into everything. I redid and rendered one of the assignments, and also this other assignment that won't go on the reel.

Typical Walk Cycle
[started 2012-03-08, arms added 2012-03-22, rendered 2012-03-27]

In-Place Pendulum Swing 
[r5 2012-03-22, rendered 2012-03-27]

2010-03-23 Figure Drawing
Model this week had the BEST poses

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 11-16, 2012

Got feedback on my portfolio. I don't think I'll post it until it's finalized. It consists of work that can be found across my various art sites, anyway. My figure drawing instructor said my face sketches were messy, so I tried smoother toning this week.

In other news, I think I'm going to China for work. BUSINESS TRIP XD. Which means I can't go to ComicCon. But, China vs. ComicCon... Sorry. China wins.

Not much this week, but here you go....

Mug, Acrylic, 2012-03-09, fin 2012-03-11.
Figure drawing, color pencil + carbothello pencil, 2012-03-16
Shouldn't have toned it with carbothello. DX It looked nicer before.
Figure drawing, brush pen, 2012-03-16
Figure drawing, color pencil, 2012-03-16
My younger brother (from photo), pencil, 2012-03-17
Need a photo with better lighting. Half the shadows were invented.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 4-10, 2012

This week I found out when the portfolio review is. And did some panicking. (But not enough in my opinion.) I also made little to no progress on my painting class' B/W still life. >_>
I did, however, come up with a really cute story for my writing class. More like a friend invented the story off the top of her head and I fixed it up. BUT IT'S A CUTE STORY. ABOUT PIE. Maybe I'll post it once I finish writing it.

3D Animation
We worked on arm raises and arm slams this week in 3D animation. I learned that 2D animation doesn't translate to 3D animation all the time. I revised the arm slam, but the instructor wants me to raise his arm more. Haven't gotten around to revising the arm raise.
There's also another pendulum swing revision. I didn't upload my previous versions here, but some are on Tumblr.

2012-03-05 Arm Raise

2012-03-05 Arm Slam

2012-03-08 Arm Slam (Revision 1)

2012-03-08 In Place Pendulum Swing (Revision 4)

2012-03-08 Outdoor Painting
Painting class went outside on Thursday to paint a a blue abstract statue thing. Here's the product of those three hours outside. For the painting, I was told to use a mixture of the three primary colors and black and white, with varying amounts of all 5 paints at all times.

Composition Sketches

2012-03-08 Watercolor Sketch
Had three hours of nothing after my painting class. After a lot of really random doodling, I painted this for AX.

Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa of Durarara

2012-03-09 Sketches
Bought the Vilppu book last Friday and read bits of it this Friday. Drew these afterwards.

Gestures from Photo
Gestures of People in Classroom
Heads/Faces from Photo

2010-03-09 Figure Drawing
We had a clothed model. I sorta drew his clothes. HE HAD ONE OF THOSE TALL CHEF HATS. It was cool. :D

And that's it! See you next week~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly Posts

It's been nearly a month... I've been uploading stuff on Tumblr, but disregarded blogspot. I'll post weekly from now on. A culmination post on Sundays with everything I did the week prior.

For now, here's the best of what I did the last week of February and the first week of March. I'll put up what I did during this week tomorrow. Still need to upload stuff.

Figure Drawing





Fabric Study 2012-02-17 Fabric Study 2012-03-01
Egg 2012-02-13 Egg 2012-02-21 Egg 2012-02-21
Palm Tree 2012-02-23 Mug 2012-03-02


3D Animation

Tennis Ball Bounce [2012-02-16, revision 2012-02-23]

Heavy vs. Light Ball Bounce [2012-02-21, r1 2012-02-23, r2 2012-03-06]