Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 4-10, 2012

This week I found out when the portfolio review is. And did some panicking. (But not enough in my opinion.) I also made little to no progress on my painting class' B/W still life. >_>
I did, however, come up with a really cute story for my writing class. More like a friend invented the story off the top of her head and I fixed it up. BUT IT'S A CUTE STORY. ABOUT PIE. Maybe I'll post it once I finish writing it.

3D Animation
We worked on arm raises and arm slams this week in 3D animation. I learned that 2D animation doesn't translate to 3D animation all the time. I revised the arm slam, but the instructor wants me to raise his arm more. Haven't gotten around to revising the arm raise.
There's also another pendulum swing revision. I didn't upload my previous versions here, but some are on Tumblr.

2012-03-05 Arm Raise

2012-03-05 Arm Slam

2012-03-08 Arm Slam (Revision 1)

2012-03-08 In Place Pendulum Swing (Revision 4)

2012-03-08 Outdoor Painting
Painting class went outside on Thursday to paint a a blue abstract statue thing. Here's the product of those three hours outside. For the painting, I was told to use a mixture of the three primary colors and black and white, with varying amounts of all 5 paints at all times.

Composition Sketches

2012-03-08 Watercolor Sketch
Had three hours of nothing after my painting class. After a lot of really random doodling, I painted this for AX.

Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa of Durarara

2012-03-09 Sketches
Bought the Vilppu book last Friday and read bits of it this Friday. Drew these afterwards.

Gestures from Photo
Gestures of People in Classroom
Heads/Faces from Photo

2010-03-09 Figure Drawing
We had a clothed model. I sorta drew his clothes. HE HAD ONE OF THOSE TALL CHEF HATS. It was cool. :D

And that's it! See you next week~

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