Thursday, July 5, 2012

AX Wrap-Up

AX was exhausting, but fun. I made just enough to cover my costs. XD Good enough for a first year.

Our table. Yes that's me. 
So I drew more prints. Here are the ones I have yet to post. I suppose I sorta already posted the Avatar/Korra ones. But I added faces!

The Legend of Korra: Bolin Avatar the Last Airbender: Toph Bei Fong Avatar the Last Airbender: Ty Lee
Durarara!: Celty Sturluson Durarara!: Sonohara Anri

I turned the Pokemon and FMA 1x1 digital paintings into 4x4 prints. They were also made into buttons and cell phone straps, but they looked better as prints, I think. Oh I made a ton of buttons. Or 27 to be exact. Here's a photo. :D

What isn't displayed outside the box isn't mine.
My tablemate, Sonia, says my art isn't really suited for buttons. I should focus on commissions. I shall do that next year. At Fanime. AX is too far.

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