Monday, January 30, 2012

Anime Expo

So I am going to sell at Anime Expo this year. Which means. THE RETURN OF ANIME. I want to do watercolor prints. Except I'm so out of the anime scene, I don't know any shows besides the major ones.

An example of a watercolor print. Experimental.

I'm thinking of selling jewelry, too. Glass bottles with stars/beads and small origami made into necklaces, earrings, and cell phone charms.

If I have time, I might make those tiny lolita hats that people make. That might get a little expensive, though. I'd rather do things where I can buy supplies in bulk. Also animal felt hats, maybe. That might not be too expensive. 

Anyone have suggestions on popular animes? Would you be interested in origami jewelry? Should I sell it at all? Is there anything else you would like to see me sell?

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