Monday, January 30, 2012

Sketches from Fall 2011 Sketchbook

So I am finally getting around to sorting through my sketchbook from last semester. These are some sketches from it.

Pen/ Pencil:
2011-08-26 Food.

2011-09-01 Devrim & Claire. From a fictional story premise I invented with a friend.

2011-10-13 Mug in Perspective.

2011-11-09 Pretty Woman~. (Yes, I draw naked women in my Japanese notebook. While singing songs from morbid musicals in my head.)

2011-11-23 Warrior Women. (Because one totally enters battles stark naked. This was also in my Japanese notebook. XD Managed to edit out the lines for this one.)
2011-09-14 Hippocami. Color pencils. 

2011-09-26 Hanfu. I really like traditional Chinese clothing.

2011-09-26 Birds. Brush pen.

2011-09-26 Hanfu 2. Brush pen and ink bg.

2011-11-18 Orchid. Crow quill pen.

2011-11-18 Woman at the Beach. Crow quill pen.

2011-12-07 Yellow Hanfu. Watercolors.
2011-12-07 Hedgehog. (Painted in the middle of Jap class. >_>)

2011-12-07 Cherry Trees. Don't like that pagoda. (This was in the middle of class, too, but not Japanese. XD)

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