Sunday, April 22, 2012

Color grids are hell.

... And I apparently have to do another one next semester. In a different medium. asdf.

I was sick this week, so there's less work than there would have been if I hadn't been sick.

Fabric is apparently not white enough. And the background should be darker. I fail at contrast with graphite. Sighs. I have to fix it some and take it to class.

WIP 2012-04-19
This is the color grid I was talking about. It still needs a lot of fixing. Ahhhh tedioussss.

Long poses again this week. I am not good with them. Short attention span. I did two versions of one pose instead of just fleshing out one as I should have. It didn't help that I had decided not to wear contacts since I was still a bit sick.
Drew this since I couldn't really see the model. Attempt at drawing figures from memory. This is one of the few times I've done this on white paper instead of lined paper.
2012-04-21 to 22
This was for work. I'm not entirely happy with it. But at my current level, it's not going to get any better.
fin 2012-04-22
I ended up not adding as much as I had planned to. I think this is good enough for its purpose as a "No Shoes" sign.

That's it for this week. Now I need to get my mind into working mode for tomorrow. DX

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