Sunday, April 15, 2012

Portfolio Take 2


  1. Ummm the bullets are a bit too reflective for the material they are made from. the composition of the warhammer isnt as good as it could be. a backdrop would work better than a corner. also there is a reflection of the warhammer in the walls of the room. The lighting is also too simple. I would suggest a 3 point lighting scheme. The ground plane for the hat too pattern heavy and detracts from the piece. The ingame shots from Tf2 are a cool conept, but in a portfolio it is hard to see your work. The zoomed in sniper picture is kind of weird as most professors might think its compositionally weird. the other TF2 shot is also kind of weird as its very hard to see the hat. Sorry if this is harsh! i think that you have great work but your presentation of it could be much better!

  2. Oh if you need good reference for good maya staging/lighting, there are works in the hall of the art building with great maya compositions (craig kichtsman and others work)! good luck, youll do great!