Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is so late...

I've been feeling a bit stressed lately. Took a day off school to rest. I think I'm sick, too. Maybe that's why I just couldn't wake up...

Also. AHHHH I SUBMITTED MY PORTFOLIO. I feel like there were things I could still fix, but it would require too much time and nitpicking. I have other obligations! DX

On to the point of these posts:

Fabric Study
Pie Story
Here are 2 character designs for the puppet show we're doing. The one on the left is the main character, Macaron Clafouti. The one on the right is Mayor Croissante.

Figure Drawing
2012-04-13. Friday the 13th. I didn't like that day. Trains hated on me.

And then I got bored because the model contorted himself into all sorts of impossible positions. So I drew these from imagination:
Women are so much more fun to draw. >_>

Non-School Work

[2012-04-12] 1-inch pendant charm prints
[2012-04-14] For work.
Facebook event for concert, here:

... And that's it.

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