Friday, May 11, 2012

Last-Last Week

Hella late post. (I really like the word 'hella.' XD) I've somehow secured a free night for myself in the middle of the finals madness.

2012-04-26 Color Grid

Color grid took FOREVER. You remember me complaining about it a post or two ago. >___> It turned out okay. Could be better. But pretty good considering the lack of patience I had with it.

Figure Drawing 2012-04-27
Had a really good session that week. Especially like the last long pose, even if the head is a little big. She just has a big forehead, okay! DX These are the only 3 figure drawings to span these 2 weeks. Last week's drawing session was a disaster. I hadn't slept in 2 days and I kept falling over in the middle of my drawings. I ended up with a bunch of really messy, half-complete sketches that weren't worth posting.

I also have scans of the puppets I/we (we're called Pie Puppetry XD) made and a fabric study along with all the stuff I did last week and this week. The images need editing, though, and I just wiped my computer Wednesday. I still need to reinstall photoshop and whatnot, so I'll upload them later once that's done. Sunday maybe. Or Monday. Or when finals end. >____> We shall see.

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