Friday, May 18, 2012

The Legend of Pie

All students at my university are required to take an upper division writing class. My major requires that we take the version of the class offered by the Theatre Arts department. Our class consisted of writing narratives, scripts, and learning career writing. Halfway through the semester, each class chose 3 scripts from their respective section of the course. The assignment was to produce the play, movie, or, in our case, puppet show.

Mie gave me the idea for my script. It miraculously got chosen in my class section. I got 7 amazing classmates to work with on producing my puppet show.

Originally, it was supposed to be an animation. Since I'm an animation student. But it would take too long to produce, so I changed it to a puppet show.

The title's similarity to the Zelda franchise is pure coincidence. But I did put Zelda music in.

It's in the video, but here are the props we used. Photographs courtesy of Jeanette Chan.

It turned out a lot better than I expected with the limited amount of time we had. Thank you to everyone that helped out with this project! :D

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